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jarhaus options & trends

Cost Planning & Control

We provide our clients with total cost management services from

  • initial Cost Planning through
  • Cost Control, Variation and/or Change Order technical cost audit until project completion.

    At the outset of project planning, we develop cost models to assure that the project can be achieved within the client's budget limit.

    Our database of project costs is kept current through our ongoing work in construction cost estimating and project management.

    Once the project is launched, we prepare a comprehensive budget that includes

  • all anticipated costs,
  • direct purchase and contracts,
  • professional fees and
  • general requirement expenses

    At each phase of the design process, we develop detailed estimates of construction cost.
    All of our estimates are based on quantity survey, consistent with the level of detail of the design documents.

    Our many years of engineering cost management experience, moreover, enable us to anticipate, construction cost items that are not necessarily shown on early design drawings.

    As the project advances, we inform the project team of the impact of design decisions that affect cost at the earliest possible time.

    Our simple and understandable cost management report, makes clear where costs are and facilitates evaluation of design alternatives.

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