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jarhaus options & trends


Jarhaus Options & Trends offers you an innovative web-based service for quantifying all the labor and materials costs involved in your construction projects as detailed in a Cost Plan.

Included in the Cost Plan are the following;
  • Detailed estimate of projected Construction Costs
  • Clear and understandable list of labor and material categories.
  • Cost Plans are broken down into clear and understandable categories (WBS – Work Breakdown Schedule) and are based on prevailing labor, equipment costs and locally available material costs.
  • Construction Schedule
  • Cash Flow

    Benefits of a Cost Plan:
  • Enhances design presentation by Architects and Designers to owners and developers.
  • The Cost Plan helps the owner and architect understand if the project needs to be redesigned or if the owner is ready to proceed.
  • The Cost Plan can be used to solicit and evaluate bids during tendering and monitor cost during construction.
  • Helps form the budget, to tailor the size and function of the building to the available funds,
    make cost analysis and value savings.
  • Assists contractors in competitive bidding.

    Just follow these 3-steps;
    1. Send the electronic file your plans and other information in pdf format and we will provide you with our
    2. Proposal for the services within 24 hours.
    Once approved by you, we will start the take-off and pricing and submit to you the
    3. Cost Plan in pdf format within 7 working days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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