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jarhaus options & trends

Project Monitoring


Jarhaus provides a comprehensive cost management and diligent monitoring of expenditure.
We ensure that each member of the Owner's team of

  • contractors
  • suppliers and manufacturers
  • designers and other professionals functions and discharges its responsibilities in a manner that serves the Owner's overall interest.

    As an extension of the Owner's staff, we monitor and coordinate the
    efforts of all members of the Project Team in order to enable the Owner to achieve maximum value for every expense.

    Construction projects typically require the services of a team of professional consultants and the work of construction contractors and other vendors.
    Each member of the project team has responsibility only for
    its particular expertise.

    No architect, consultant, contractor or vendor shares the Owner's
    comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of the
    Jarhaus Options & Trends .

    This is the role provided by JARHAUS OPTIONS & TRENDS.

    We apply our skills and experience to plan and direct the project team
    towards the Owner’s objective, as to schedule and cost.

    Our documentation system creates a thorough and complete project record.

  • Initial project cost plan that articulates the project scope
  • Schedule and
  • Budget parameters

    In order to :
  • create a series of clear and concise reports
  • to monitor and track all project cost.

    We use these documents as management tools for the project team,

  • as a means to communicate project progress
  • as components of the permanent project record and
  • to minimize our client's risk.

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