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For commercial, residential and industrial construction projects.

The most important reason for developing and maintaining a
PERT-CPM Schedule is to manage the work.
Side benefits to this are improved communications between the prime and subcontractors and between the owner and the contractors and designers.

A CPM can be useful for :

  • progress payment requests
  • determining potential delays to the work
  • determining alternative sequences, and many other uses.

    Project activities are scheduled using PERT-CPM or Gantt Chart to create both critical path and activity networks.
    Projects plans and specifications are reviewed to determine which activities to include in the networks.

    The information for the PERT-CPM diagram comes from many sources.
    The two most important sources
    of information are the:
  • Estimate
  • Contract specifications
    The information developed from the estimate and the specifications are important to having a complete PERT-CPM network for the entire project.

    The PERT-CPM schedules are produced and distributed to each subcontractors, design professionals, the owner and the general contractor.
    One of the best foundation for a successful project starts with a comprehensive construction schedule.

    The formulation of the project plan involves many people from different organizations. We can help you to establish a complete list of job activities involving all members of the team. A successful plan must include responsibilities of the owner, design professionals, subcontractors and the general contractor. Sequential relationships are established, and then the information is presented in a network diagram. The planning process is completed with the establishment of an as-planned schedule.

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